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Talk politics.

A place to discuss politics without egomaniacal mods.

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A place to discuss politics without egomaniacal mods
Welcome to a forum where you're free to discuss politics in an open manner. Before you post, take a look around and see what the place looks like, or check out the latest recommended section and our Hall of Fame. If you have any questions or complaints, please report on the Special Mod Thread. The rules will be simple:

1. Try to be civil. If you must attack, attack the opinion and not the person. Name-calling will not be tolerated.

2. Here's a definition of trolling. Please do not try that. Many of these cases will be decided on a case by case basis.

3. It's unfair to make posts that don't allow comments. These will be instantly deleted.

4. Please lj-cut long posts. If you're not sure if it's long, just cut it anyway.

5. Deleting, freezing or screening comments is forbidden and could get you permanently banned if done repeatedly and/or excessively. If someone deletes your comment please inform a mod ASAP here!

6. Posts that solely include an advertisement of either a LJ community, a personal LJ blog or a commercial product will be removed. Mentioning these as part of the narrative is fine though, as long as that's not the sole purpose of the post. Same applies to campaigning for a cause, or non-political topics. (Exception: Friday Lulz).

7. English is the preferred lingua franca. There are chances that if you say something in another language in the comments section, you wouldn't be understood by the majority of readers. All posts and comments should be in English. That said, mocking people for their language skills is unacceptable, and will be treated as trolling.

8. We strongly encourage personal opinion and analysis, rather than posting a one-line comment/question, a single link, or picture, copy-pasting some article or embedding a Youtube video. This is generally considered low-quality and would in most cases be removed. Don't be so lazy, we're interested in your personal position! :)
(The only exception is the regular Friday Lulz thread (what's that?)).

9. Be so kind to refrain from offensive personal references about third persons in your posts. This is considered trolling.

10. Explicit (NSFW) imagery is not recommendable. But if you really insist using it, and in case it's topical, please do not display it in your post/comment, but at least have the courtesy to link to it with the appropriate prior warning. Some readers might not appreciate seeing blood, violence, or sex on a public forum.

11. Plagiarism cannot be tolerated in the community, as it violates Section XIII of the Terms of Service and could put the community or its users at risk. Please cite what you quote from in your posts, as any sort of infringement of this nature will have to be deleted on sight.

12. If you post a topic and comments are posted, do not delete that post. Notify the mod staff at the Special Mod Thread if there is a circumstance regarding a post with comments that needs to be addressed.

13. While using multiple accounts on the community is not forbidden, if one is detected as an attempt to circumvent prior mod action, the potential punishment would be much more severe than in normal circumstances. So err at the side of caution when using sockpuppets.

14. People are welcome to discuss issues surrounding race, ethnicity, gender and sex. However, racist, xenophobic, sexist, or homophobic remarks will not be tolerated on this forum. Political stances can be discussed without resorting to racial, gender or sexual stereotyping and abusive remarks intended to humiliate individuals or groups of people. Trying to stir up hatred of this sort is your shortest path to being banned.

Ongoing initiatives: The Book Club / / Friday Lulz Thread / Monthly Topic Poll.

Also check out the awesome t_p_nonsense community!
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