Hlynkacg (sandwichwarrior) wrote in talk_politics,

Some fun with confirmation-bias... AKA Assumtions we make pt. 2

Inspired in part by mahnmut's Obsession thread


Cracked.com's 9 Stories Everyone Got Wrong This Year

There is a well-documented psychological tendency for people to favor information that confirms their preconceptions and interpret it selectively. For this reason I've always found it fascinating to lurk in various threads and observe what details different people latch onto.

Obviously, one should take anything you read on the internet or see/hear on the TV/Radio with a grain of salt but the correlations can be enlightening. (Take for instance Cracked's analysis of the media's coverage of the Tea-Party or iPad/iPhone)

Following my post from two weeks ago, and the resulting dialog with green_man_2010 and others, I know I'm not innocent of this either. I'd always assumed that all Gun-Control advocates were concerned chiefly with preventing violent crime and viewed the debate strictly within those terms (thus failing to consider other salient arguments). My position remains the same but my mind has been opened a bit

So with that in mind...

What are some base assumptions that you make? How do you justify these assumptions? (Do you even try?)


What are some political stories and/or arguments that you think everyone else gets wrong?

Don't be shy throw 'em out there and see what sticks.
Tags: bias, opinion
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