Stijn van der Kasteel (mahnmut) wrote in talk_politics,
Stijn van der Kasteel

Happy birthday, TP + Early LULZ!

Hey, this is becoming a tradition already. Our baby talk_politics is having its second birthday today, so I guess it would be nice to spill a champagne for all, eh?

But do spare some for tomorrow!

I wish to everybody super-cool celebrations on New Year's eve, and remember: things look much clearer when seen through the bottom of an empty bottle. Occasionally you could also see into the future. (<-- not my words)

Can you see what the following 2 minutes have prepared for you? But of course. It's the updated, totally subjective and arbitrary list of 'mono-topical' members of our little crazy monkey cage. Reminding what this means: those are people who have but one obsession in their mind, and they seem hardly able to talk or think about anything else. Some call them one-trick ponies. I just call them our dear Obsessees. The list (in no particular order) follows:

sophia_sadek is obsessed with rendering unto Caesar
underlankers is obsessed with crazy history and good ole Mr Godwin
htpcl is obsessed with rakia, vodka, schnapps, or anything that would clear up your mind
green_man_2010 is obsessed with spreading the word about the glorious nation of UKania
paft is obsessed with proving that bad people are evil and extremely dangerous
steve_potocin is was obsessed with the leftist scum, Aw hell yea! HA!
malasadas is obsessed with the wondrous world of moving pictures, still pictures, just any pictures
reality_hammer is obsessed with Reality, or that part of it which has the Right bias
ddstory is still obsessed with kink, now more than ever
abomvubuso is obsessed with the coming brave new utopian world of cute technology
telemann is obsessed with nice little stories told in graphs'n'charts
kinvore is obsessed with sounding ethical and level-headed when not yawning
airiefairie is obsessed with having everyone love the next one, good luck on that one
agk_ru is obsessed with teh ebil Juice who's poisoning Muther Rasha
badlydrawnjeff is obsessed with unraveling the deep secrets of Youtube
anosognosia is obsessed with the complicated world of philosophy
pmax3 is obsessed with making India look even more significant
mijopo is obsessed with knowing exactly what people mean
chessdev is obsessed with exposing and demolishing bullshit wherever it exists
geezer_also is obsessed with proving that he's older than the stones
pastorlenny is obsessed with the fun side of Scripture
allhatnocattle is obsessed with being a professional shit disturber
majortom_thecat is quite obviously obsessed with her cat
prader is obsessed with your liberty to dismiss global warming
gunslnger is obsessed with slinging sharp, accurate, one-liners
rasilio is obsessed with explaining in the biggest detail that you're wrong
papasha_mueller is obsessed with clumsy jokes that make you snort
torpidai is obsessed with the evil police who rule all over Blighty
dwer is obsessed with showing you clearly what an idiot you are
nairiporter is obsessed with saving the world with bandages
sandwichwarrior is obsessed with applying his military skills in hunting zombies
meus_ovatio is obsessed with being larger than life; and horses
mrbogey is obsessed with the banana republics of Central America
merig00 is obsessed with the good old nice Promised Land
enders_shadow is obsessed with being a rebellious maverick
mahnmut is as obsessed with the notion that everyone but him is obsessed with something, as ever
And let's not forget our very dear...
melvin_udall , who may not be participating but is surely reading every line, and is obsessed with...well, being obsessed.

Cheers to all who didn't quite make it into this year's list, but don't hurry to brag about it - it doesn't mean you're not obsessed either (and btw you'll still get candy)! It's just that you need to try really, really hard. It's not easy to be as crazy and obsessed as we are, after all it requires some effort. ;-)

...But when you sum us all up, we've got a beautiful mix, don't we? Kudos!
In case, by chance, someone was insulted by this, or felt omitted, don't take it too seriously. Nothing personal, we're all a bunch of weirdos anyway, each in their own way.
And it's not that difficult to be dropped off from the list of obsessed people if you really like to. Personally, I don't ;-)

Ps. The last Dailyquotes installment for the year seems to be complete too.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous year 2011 as well! :-)

/ end of twaddle

Enjoy the New Year's party tomorrow!

Since Friday is New Year, and I don't suppose you guys would be much into the LJ-ing mode tomorrow (eh, who am I fooling?), let's say this is the beginning of this week's EXTENDED FRIDAY LULZ THREAD, yay!

Fellow spammers, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, commence!
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