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Erin Pizzey's experience; how does this connect to America's VAWA?

Hi - have another video link.
this one gives some interesting info about VAWA, an American piece of legislation that our link maker feels is unfair to men.

Now, what do you make of his claims - what do I make of them myself?

Naturally, I am from the UK, and can offer my own perspective on Domestic Violence. And, believe me, I am going to.

The fact is that the first refuges (called 'shelters', Stateside, I believe , were set up by a woman called Erin Pizzey. She suffered physical and mental abuse from her own mother herself as a child, and was thus no stranger to the realities of domestic violence. her father was also abusive towards her as well, but her relationship with her mother did a lot to protect her from the rose tinted optimism that some feminist writers seemed to have espoused at the time.

So, back in the 70s , she set about forming the first refuge centre in Chiswick, London for women fleeing domestic violence at home. However, she soon fell foul of the burgeouning Feminist movement. You would think that women would be pleased that someone like her was doing something to prevent violence against women, but no.

There were ideological differences between Erin and the self styled feminists of her day. Erin 's view of domestic violence as an issue was informed by her mother's own cruelty towards her, and also her refusal to 'buy into' the idea that men were intrinsically evil, whereas women were merely the victims. i would sum things up by sayiing that erin was indeed ' pro women', whereas her opponents were merely anti men.
to errin , like myself, everyone's rights had to be respected and protected.

i have to say that in my own experience, my father *was* the abuser in my family, and I have nothing but contempt for him and his views on life in many fields. However, not all men were like my dad - and this was something erin maintained and that got her enemies. she and her movement were attacked by self styled feminists and they tried to hijack her movement from her, but failed.

For myself, I maintain that Erin was right. erin pizzey came a bit too late to be helping my mother, but her shelters are running up and down the land, and have even been set up oversees.
She did more for women like my mother than germaine Greer ever did on this issue, and I think that her work should be recognised and built upon.

most importantly, she recognised that men themselves were not the problem. Alcohol, socialisation and other factors were in play and needed addressing, she insisted.
i find an echo in this with the VAWA video link.
police in the states are arresting men , even if iit is the man who instigates the call because he is being attacked. the Feminist notion of ' all men are evil' is having a negative impact, and it's time this myth was addressed in society the video argues.
More links on Pizzey, plus incriminating photos of feminist activists at work are found in these links here.
this link especially important in highlighting Feminists smear tactics against men.
WAFE have since distanced themselves from the slogan on the bannner in the pic.

it is time indeed that we took the question of gender out of dealing with the issue of domestic violence. it hurts everyone and is never excusable by any party.
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