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Rendering unto Caesar: Looking Forward, Looking Back

Some people argue that there is nothing new under the Sun. Others argue that latter day fundamentalism has no basis in tradition. As we have just passed two annual cyclic events and are approaching a third, it is a good time to consider what constitutes tradition and what we can say is an innovation. The month of January was named after the Roman deity Janus who is portrayed as having two faces. One face looked to the past and the other looked to the future. (I use the past tense to smooth the way for readers who don't know that Janus still lives.)

Did fundamentalists exist at the time that the gates of the temple of Janus were crafted? They may not have had Internet access, but there were people back then who practiced a superstitious avoidance of knowledge. They may not have clung to a pistol out of fear of a dark-skinned home invader, but they did fear for a barbarous sacking. They may not have opposed medical care for their slaves, but they didn't allow them to violate the ban on birth control. The fundies of today have more in common with their ancient counterparts than some would allow.

Fundamentalists today look back on the era of constitutional formation as a romantic time when darkies knew their places and Darwin had yet to be born. It was wonderful that the witches of New England could be dispatched to their Dark Lord with expedience. As fundamentalists cling to their cache of gold, they hold up Ben Franklin, the promoter of paper money, as their market idol.

Like Janus, fundamentalists also look forward to a bright future when women will be severely punished for the us of that which Caesar banned. Their focus on the fetus fetishizes the future slave as it demeans the slave mother. For a few brief months, the fetus will enjoy rights that mom will be denied. It is a bright and joyous world where people will be happy that they have been saved from the sin of eternal wisdom.

Praise Caesar the Lord!

Do you look forward to a future of Theocracy?
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