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Wanna know what's in it ?
Well, Patrick Stewart, who is regarded as a serious Shakespearian stage actor, as well as someone who acheived international TV stardom due to his performance as Star Ship Captain Jean Luc Picard
has come forward to say thathe experienced domestic violence as a child, and that spousal abuse, violence against women and abuse directed against children in the home should not be tolerated in society but it is.

Now, I make him right. In the UK, something like two women a week die as a result of domestic violence, and politic parties of the left, right and centre of British politics have had little impact on the problem for several decades. So how is it for you in the land of the free, huh? how do your stats stack up on the issue, I ask? You tell me, guys.

Ok - before you post, just remember. There are rules in this community. Anyone who does not keep them will get flagged up to the mods. By me.

The fact is that Left wing governments are just paying lip service to the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Before we go sending troops off to Afghanistan and wherever to make the world safe for democracy, we need to see about spending money looking after our own. All of our own, including the kids.

Every town and village should have a Hostel or Refuge where women can go and be protected from domestic violence. And every hostel should be government funded so that it can run an annexe for teenage boys who at present have nowhere to go once they turn 14.

There are issues involved where you place vulnerable women and very young children in accomadation where there are likely to be young men about. I can understand women not wanting to be near other men, but if you are only 15-17 in the UK, you are not an adult, you can't get a job and support yourself. It isn't your fault if your dad comes home drunk and starts hitting mum, and the State should look after you. At present, it doesn't.

It is often said that feminist forums are not the place for men to go with men's issues and that men need to create the spaces themselves where men's issues get adressed.
Ok, fine - this is a politics forum, and as far as I am concerned, Governments of all nations and all political stripes are not doing enough on this issue. Not enough attention is being given to male teens who find themselves in this situation.
I don't want people whinng about the quotas - there are no quotas on this forum, according to the mods. It's we had some serious talk on this issue, instead of another wave of stupid macros that just ridicule anyone who blows the whistle.

TWO DEATHS A WEEK. It is that serious. and that is the tip of the iceberg. But it isn't just about women's safety. What about young teens being pushed into this situation? Reading down the comments on the clip, I was sickened to see someone insisting that if domestic violence leads to someone like Patrick Steward becoming a great Shakespearian actor, then it is not such a problem. I think statistics will show that kids in that position do not get there because of, they get there in spite of the difficulties involved. Most kids from an abusive background are not so lucky- over represented in becoming juvenile delinquents, in going to jail as adults, more likely to become abusive parents, drug dependent and so forth in turn. Like I said, it is a social issue, not one we can turn over to the Feminist community to sort out it themseves.

If we can agree that it's a problem, you may not agree with my solution of course, but what do you suggest as an alternative to massive state spending? If we can put kids through schools, we can surely provide them safe homes if their parents are incapable. Whatever happens, though, the present system is not good enough.
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