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He Found Bag of Cash, But Did the Unexpected

He gave the backpack to the Tempe Community Action Agency, the social service organization where he volunteers, whose officials managed to trace it to Bryan Belanger, an Arizona State University student who lost the money while on his way to buy a used car.

What a great feel-good story, right? Homeless man finds money, gives it back, totally unexpected. Why is it unexpected? Does the media really think that people expect homeless people to be immoral like that? Do you think that?

Of course, the real kicker is glossed over.

“I would have spent every last cent,” said Will Colby, 30, who was sitting on a bench with friends trying to get enough spare change for a motel room. “I’d be in a resort in Mexico right now.”

His companion, a woman who identified herself as E.T., said she once found $1,400 in cash in an envelope next to an A.T.M. and did not think twice about keeping it. “I stayed in a motel for a long time on that money,” she said.

So, the article presents two homeless people who would have kept the money and not thought twice about it, and two homeless people who would have turned it in (one of whom actually did). Does that make the article fair and balanced?

So, if you were homeless, would you have kept the money or turned it in?
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