Three Laws Safe (meus_ovatio) wrote in talk_politics,
Three Laws Safe

Render unto Gaia.

There are those in history, and in our midst (on MY internet?!) who would denigrate our holy material status as physical beings. These charlatans like to parade about stories about ethereal "higher" realities and other Platonic haberdashery. Evidently, these people are so tortured by the smell of their own shit that they can't possibly conceive of the beauty and majesty of material life.

But from whence does this deception derive? Is it a higher connection of personal revelation, given to those who are worthy or good enough? Are they pre-destined for such deep truths (lies)?

I make my living hucking small piles of horseshit into large piles of horseshit, and then someone else comes along and takes those large piles of horseshit and puts them in even bigger piles of horseshit at some kind of horseshit collection place. I know not where this heavenly place is exactly, but I can only hope to one day witness the glory and majesty of such a locale.

Do you like shit? The stuff of life? The fecund smell of manure, emanating in the hot summer sun like rays of power and beauty? Do you let it penetrate your pours and dust your hair, like a crown of life? I do. And you're all terribly silly if you think that is weird.
Tags: religion, satire
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