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Return of the Wonks

In Britian, we call them 'wonks'. Now, 'wonk', backwards, is 'know' - and wonks are people who know how thins work, specifically , things like politics, finance or framing legislation. they use their expertise to try and foresee if any unintended consequences may arise out of the wording or even the impact of piece of legislation on our public life.

The problem, say many civil servants, is that government minsisters are reacting to media pressure with knee jerk reactions and ill thought out responses.rather than achieving a clear result, the legislators are having to deal with the unintended consequences of all this hand flapping.

A scandal has erupted in the press only recently, claiming that surgeons are not allowed to operate on children until they are CRB cleared. now, once they are clear with one board, does this mean that another health trust can sue them/ oh - no, that would be too simple. A heart surgeon operating in a theatre in Wales on week can find himself at work on a young teenager in Liverppool then next, and each Health trust wants them cleared on ~their~ system. Hello, we have an NHS- isn't it time it had some National co-ordination ?

the Royal College of Surgeons has called for an immediate rollout of a transferable CBR check - something that should have been drafted in bythe Blair/ Brown government, but wasn't.

In a follow up to yesterday's story, a parent has been told he will need a CRB check if he wants to sit in with his 3 yr old daughter on her liturgical class. This is due to his presence among other small children. me, I am seeing where this could go- once an adult of either gender is assumed to be a risk to children , what's to stop un checked adults being allowed near children anywhere ( at a regular church service, for instance? ) has anyone thought about that?

One of the great tradition that has been going on in english schools since the 60s is the exchange visit. when i was a lad, a whole class load of us went to live for a week in France., thennext year, we had the french kids come stay in Britain. we got to see france and they got to meet real English people in return. now, government legislation is threatening this arrangement, because many European countries do not have this obsession with CRB checks.

Again , amy will argue that this is not ' left wing extremism', but Blairs leftist Labour Government has got it's dabs all over it. Conservative councillors are complaining about local authorities shutting parents away from their own kids on the swings, and now conservatives are deriding labour's ill thought out legislations in Parliament.

it is time that policy was once again framed with an eye to it's unintended consequences, rather than a desire to be seen to be 'doing something' by those who brought us the concept of 'Cool Britannia.'
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