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America by Thought Control: Sarah Palin's Pseudo-liberality

One of our guys remarked that Sarah Palin's Tea Party promotion book should be called, "America by Tart." Although I appreciate the humor behind the jab, I seriously doubt the Palin cult would share in the joke. Even though I cannot share Palin's egocentric admiration for American exceptionalism, I sympathize with her plight of being a victim of her environment. She demonstrates the potential for growth despite the fear she shows toward higher understanding.

Palin on Max Lucado

Palin holds up Max Lucado's work as an inspiration to shift from self-centerednes to Jesus-centeredness, but it is a flat-earth Jesus she and Lucado place on a pedestal. Just as there is a divinity above the level of the material Creator, there is a Jesus above the level of the flat-earth clown worshiped and glorified by the likes of Palin. Spiritual birth does not come from cultivated ignorance and superstitious groveling. Palin and her ilk deliberately refuse to seek out the truth for fear it will set them free.

Palin on Sufis

We could sum up Palin's attitude toward the planned Sufi community center in downtown Manhattan as: "If you fail to respect my religious intolerance, you are a bigot." Rather than insist that all Muslims are to blame for the attack on the World Trade Center, Palin should spend some time learning about the influence of American money in cultivating Muslim extremism. Perhaps then she would have a "Copernican shift" and realize that America is not as pure and holy as she assumes. She may also realize that by attacking a Sufi center, she executes the will of Islamists who despise the Sufis and consider them to be heretics.

Obligatory Anti-Communism

Palin makes quite a bit of hay over the rejection of the material Creator of the flat and immobile Earth by Lenin and his followers. She immediately writes Marxist-Leninists off as atheists simply because they fail to kowtow to her favorite idol. She sees herself a "free" yet she lacks the will to transcend the shackles of her "faith." The biggest difference between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was not that the Soviet government lacked religion, but that their material Creator icon bore a name foreign to Palin's experience.

The Source of Civility

Palin makes the assumption that civility stems from religion. If she truly believed that, she would seek a greater civility in a religion that doesn't condone brutality in the name of civility. What she fails to comprehend are the limitations of her own faith. At least she acknowledges a human inability to conceive of divine will. Given her hypocrisy in other areas, I can only take this as a mere lip service. Her position on religious tolerance seems to be an appeal to people of a more liberal faith than her own.

On Human Progress

Palin points out that people have a desire to improve things. She doesn't comment on the subjectivity of personal frames of reference for what constitutes improvement. There is an absolutism in her writing style that doesn't consider relativity. She is clearly grounded in a frame of reference that is better suited to the thirteenth century. Improvement within that frame means reversing the changes that have happened since then.

Condescending Humility

Palin takes the high ground in claiming that reaching out to Muslims on engineering accomplishments is "condescending" to Muslims. This seems like turning the event on its head. Heaven forefend we should recognize Muslim contributions to the sciences for fear of being condescending. It's better and less condescending to try to shut Muslims out of lower Manhattan. In Palin's world, up is down, left is right, forward is backward.

Founding Padres

Plain claims that "the men who laid the foundation of our republic said so little about the institution of the family." On the contrary, they wrote volumes about a family that Palin will never comprehend because her focus is on a flat-earth family. She sides with the Paxton Boys in their rally to seek revenge. She cannot appreciate the efforts of Benjamin Franklin to extend family protection to the victims of her own blindness.

Film Criticism

Palin claims that the movie "Green Zone" does a disservice to American soldiers. Either she never saw the movie and is clueless of how it portrays a virtuous soldier against a vicious bureaucrat, or she saw the movie and chose to lie about it. Either way, her rant discourages her cult followers from seeking the truth about the film. It also defends scum-sucking sycophants like Doug Feith with "Support our troops!" jingoism.

Absent Freedom

Palin claims that American youth have "never known the absence of freedom," yet they lived their entire lives as wards of a guardian. This explains the meaning of "freedom" when spoken by Palin. She equates living under subjugation with "freedom." Obviously, people who live outside the domain of subjugation live outside of "freedom."

Rage Against the Machine

Palin admires the move, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," as an example of triumph of American virtue over machine politics. What she fails to realize is that machine politics has bee a corrupting force since the days of Hamilton's establishment of a fundamentalist machine to promote despotism in federal policy. She also sweeps under the rug the fact that the Tea Party is itself a corrupting machine ant that she is a force for corruption in her espousal of despotic policies.

Health & Human Rights

Palin claims to promote human rights, but she attacks any right to health care outside of physician-approved rights. Her material Creator seems to smile on the AMA, private insurance providers, and right-to-life flat-earthers.

Declaratory Interpretation

Palin interprets the "Creator" of the Declaration of Independence to mean her very own personal Creator (who happens to be the master mind behind racism, sexism, and homophobia). The Deists of the time had a very different perspective on the Bible and on creation than the one espoused by Palin. We can see this in the issue of property rights. The Declaration of Independence substitutes the right to pursue happiness for the traditional right to property. The top minds of the time knew that property rights could not be considered equal. Doing so would imply that everyone has the right to sleep in your bed.

Constitutional Warning Label

Palin fails to comprehend the idea of putting a warning label on the Constitution for adult content. One of her admirers sent her a copy of the Constitution that warned parents that the language inside could be found offensive. Palin has never encountered the emotional reaction that children have when they encounter what they perceive as racist or sexist language. She fails to see that one of the personal liberties "enshrined" in the Constitution is the liberty to subjugate fellow human beings.
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