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Public service announcement..

I have just been asked to call Child Protection Services, concerning this case of a young 11 year old living in America.
Sadly, I don't know the number, and frankly, I feel it's a case of 'mission accomplished' - I mean, why do we need to bother the authorities here?

The facts are these:-
An 11 yr old hears 3 youths trying to break into her home while her parents are out. They used a crowbar to get the back door open, and she hears them coming.
The brave little girl goes upstairs and finds momma's gun, she loads it and comes back down to confront the three intruders, who flee the house and are soon picked up by local cops.

Well, those are the facts. Here is the link to the story>

Now, my take on it is that these parents should be proud of their daughter and the way she acted. But some people on this forum may disagree.

But what do members here think about this child's case?
Are American parents who teach their kids how to handle a gun for themselves being responsible, or are they guilty of child abuse?

I think there is a danger of people getting ties up in ' analysis paralysis'. I mean, there are so many variables and the experts dissagree among themselves so often. The best thing to do is for adults to weigh up the pros and cons and make their own decisions. Yes, there are people who won't allow a gun in their home, even in the US where it is allowed. And it is their choice.

And there are also those who go out and buy a gun and teach their kids how to use it, just in case. Equally, this is their choice.

But there is a dangerous tendency for people on the left ( and I consider myself a respectable memberof the leftward leaning political tendency, BTW) to start saying to people "nobody can do nothin' till all the experts agree that it's safe to do so".

And this strikes me as being JPS. Just Plain Stupid. For anyone who thinks that Pacifism is a fundemental tenet of Socialism, let me point out that many Socialists went and fought in the International Brigade - George Orwell talks about his experiences in Spain in 'Homage to Catalonia'.

But the current thinking these days along the left seems to be anti- anything that involves doing something on your own initiative.
"Think of what could go wrong" people like will say. "What if they come armed as well? What if they grab the gun and turn it against you?"

Oh, yes, much better to passively wait, and don't do anything to antagonise these young men who just broke into my house. Nothing good can ever come of a little girl thinking for herself, can it? She would be better to trust the analysis of some well paid Liberal college professor in the Womens Studies department of a university in California, than simply run upstairs and get mummy's gun and load it!

Seriously, there are many 'what ifs' in life. We didn't get Trail by Jury, Habeas Corpus, trade unions and votes for women, or put an end to segregation without taking risks. It could all have gone wrong - and it frequently did. But that did stop people fighting for change? Of course not 1 So why are we so averse to taking risks now?

Why are so many left wingers insisting that no element of risk should be faced under any circumstances whatsoever?
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