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The assumptions we make about others

I am a volunteer for the NRA, (National Rifle Association for those outside the US) mostly I teach firearms safety and "man the booth" at events and competitions. On occasion I'll work the political angle, arguing against gun control. However, this post is not about gun control, it is about how we deal with others.

Recently a boardmember of the Violence Policy Center (the US' leading gun control advocacy group) posted this gem on her blog.

It's just natural to want to shoot someone when you don't agree with them or have a beef or you're drunk and can't quite think straight.
-Joan Peterson

Leading to Why are anti-gun activists so violent? as a running meme on several US gunblogs. and me re-asking a question raised by malasadas a few weeks back.

Are we all just pigs?

I have been in some heated political discussions, and even when drunk, I never felt the urge to attack the person I was disagreeing with. Am I unusual in this respect?

If I am, than I have to thuroughly re-evaluate my position.
Tags: activism, bias, gun laws
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