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Jon Stewart blasts Senate Republicans for filibustering 9/11 responder bill, and then blasts media

Senate Republicans filibuster the Zadroga bill, but pass tax cuts for the wealthy, which is great news for firefighters who make over $200,000 a year.

Jon Stewart blasted two Republican senators for holding up passage of the Zadroga Bill, which is meant to help first responders with medical coverage for illnesses related to the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks. The bill is funded by apparently closing a business tax-loophole, but some Republicans still have some funding issues on the measure and are blocking a straight up-and-down vote. Stewart was unrelenting in his criticisms of the press, and in particularly with Fox News's ignoring the issue, which is ironic, since Fox News bases so much of its content on 9/11 "outrage." Speaking of irony: the one network that has sympathetic and extensive coverage for the 9/11 rescuers is Al Jazeera. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs substantiated Stewart's claims in a press conference today, noting that he has not been asked about the bill by any media outlets.

The video clip is viewable here. Later in the show, there was also an extensive interview with some of the 9/11 rescuers, and you see their reaction to Senator John Kyl (Arizona - R) whining because he thinks it's unfair to have to work the week between Christmas and New Years, to which the firemen and police officers noted that they gladly serve and do their duty through the holidays, why can't Congress? In a later interview, Mike Huckabee (former Republican governor of Arkansas and a Fox News personality) also blasted the two Republican senators blocking the bill, noting that a personal friend of his is dying from a 9/11 related illness, and has no medical coverage. Governor Huckabee also suggested that Senator Kyl should work through the week, since Congress already has taken too much time off the job.
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