Kol (abomvubuso) wrote in talk_politics,

It's das Freitag kaboodle, ho ho ho!

He's coming!

Did you put your socks up?

Btw in my native Iceland we've got 13 Santas (well, we dont call them that way), plus their freaky mom, Grýla the ogress. We tend to meet her after the 5th vodka. No surprise we're constantly visited by the hidden folk - you try to live in a desolate lava desert with virtually no winter sun and we'll talk again! So these nasty lads come one by one, starting from December 12 (last Sunday), and they have names like the Strap Loosener, Skirt Blower, Donut Beggar, Smoke Gulper, Butter Greedy, Candle Beggar, etc. For example Icelandic kids will be visited by the Bowl Licker tonight. How scary is that?

That makes for a whole bunch of socks. Hopefully i won't get a lump of coal...

Sooo... Have You Been Naughty ... Or Nice???

Two more things. Greetings to all head-bangers out there. Hope you'll have fanfuckingtastic holidays!

And to those more exotically inclined...

So have at it, you naughty gnomes!
Tags: fun, offtopic
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