sophia_sadek (sophia_sadek) wrote in talk_politics,

Fundie perspective on Ben Franklin

This article on proposed California state legislation to promote LGBT studies in school demonstrates an interesting aspect of Fundamentalist perspectives on the history of science. The article quotes Candi Cushman of Focus on the Fetus as claiming that Ben Franklin discovered electricity. I've read some other fundie stuff about the gray beards of Franklin's era that contain similar inaccuracies. Cushman fails to see the way that pointing out a famous person's sexual orientation might benefit youth who would otherwise feel put upon by all of the vicious homophobia they encounter in life.

There is something quite ironic in flat-earthers waving founding padres around as if they were on the side of fear and ignorance. Sarah Palin even goes so far as to include a quote from Thomas Paine on the dedication page of her recent book. She seems clueless that the Sarah Palins of Paine's time vilified him for his intelligence and insight.
Tags: california, education, fundamentalism
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