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Whatever is this country coming to?

So, rumour has it, the police, rather than deal with the overly excitable criminal influence who infiltrate demonstrations, prefer as usual to pick on the chap with Cerebal Palsey, dragging him from his wheelchair in the process (I'd suggest maybe trying to incite a riot of decent people, rather than head off the real troublemakers)

In the same week we see incompetance of firearms officers, "leaving" their weapon (and explosives) on top of a vehicle then losing it when he drove off, meanwhile courts are closing, police and councils are to take a 5% funding drop and any funding drop to the NHS will be blamed on the GP's who will soon be handed the books and told to deal with spending themselves.

On top of all this, VAT is due to rise by 2.5 pence in the pound which will give retailers carte blanche to raise prices 10-20% thanks to their knowledge most Brits can't count for toffee!

I question if law and order is really desirable to those who tend to be driven round in bomb proof vehicles, pretending to have concern for the minions by turning up to open hospitals they know fine well will struggle financially before very long!

Are these tax rises and service cuts in reality just to see how much they can squeeze the poor once more, or is there really someone in power that can do the math? I doubt the latter as no matter how much the deficit gets paid off, we'll never ever remain "In the black", so we're being treated like Mushrooms again right?
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