Theory (lukewarm_snow) wrote in talk_politics,

I like human rights, too.

The UN has passed a notion to remove sexual orientation from a "list" of reasons that a person cannot be arbitrarily executed.

Not only is that fucking scary, but it's just embarrassing. Have we gone back in time two thousand years? A lot of people's work to get gay rights recognized, gay marriage legalized, and the UN goes and pulls this stunt. The vote was narrowly passed, but the point is that the vote still WAS passed.

Attempting to wrap my head around this much naive, discriminatory action in the 21st century is impossible.  UNpassing a law meant to protect a group of human beings is ridiculous. There's still genocide taking place in the world on top of that. But, probably, the most powerful alliance of nations in history being able to pass this law, with so many differences in opinion is unimaginable. 

I'm pretty sure that right now, I'm able to sympathize with the Southern United States and how they felt when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Like they'd just been shot in the lungs.

Have fun humanity, because I've lost all my hope in you.

Tags: gay rights, un
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