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The Crying Game / John Boehner on 60 Minutes

60 Minutes had an segment on John Boehner Sunday evening. Many on the left are making a big deal of how much he cries (calling him Weeper-of-the-House), suggesting that if Speaker Pelosi had been as emotional, the right wingers would have had a field day with it. Leslie Stahl also noticed the frequency of Boehner's crying, and was honestly taken aback by it and asked him about it. Despite his reputation as being a rich guy who loves to play golf with lobbyists, Boehner's personal life-story is a traditional American success story, the 2nd oldest of 12 children (!), devout Roman Catholic (went to daily Mass), and from a family that were Kennedy Democrats, and Boehner worked as a janitor for 7 years while going to college. It's a nice piece and certainly gives you a lot of insights to the man. I would highly recommend it, I learned a lot about him. Apparently Boehner and Ted Kennedy were the best of friends and Boehner thought highly of him.

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