dv8nation (dv8nation) wrote in talk_politics,

She Blinded Herself With Science


A female evolutionary biologist takes a majorly WTF-inducing post by a woman with a REALLY poor understanding of science but a love of railing against evolutionary psychology and rips said arguments to shreds. It's pretty darn interesting reading.

Now I'm a bit on the fence in regards to evolutionary psych. But as McCreight points out that whatever evolution might have biologically wired us to want to do we all have free will. Her example of wanting to eat sugar but that we can chose not is perfect. But she also brings up the critical fact that a lot of people love science until its finding don't support their world view. Then suddenly science is ruled by The Other Side and is a chain keeping them down.

Science is about facts and truth. It's people that cheery pick science to support often questionable ideas. The fault is with them. Not with science.
Tags: article, evolution, science
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