Папаша Мюллер (papasha_mueller) wrote in talk_politics,
Папаша Мюллер

International Human (and Huwoman) Righs Day

First, I'd like ro take a liberty and congratulate local inhabitants, including the members of community's Politbureau.

Second, I am curious ro know - what right(s) are you missing right now, folks?
Be creative, try to take higher than picking up in your noses or other interestng places, touvarisches.

E.g., I am missing the right to legally have what I want to by free downloads, including but not limiting to, torrents et al. Yes, copyright legislation must be revised.

Start donating your views right now.
Indication of country appreciated but not mandatory.

PTO Will the mod on duty put the tag 'survey' please?

Tags: survey
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