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Yet again, on wikileaks.

First, I must apologize to those defenders of the wikileaks. My assumption, as a political scientist and media specialist, was that with such a massive dump and little to no interpretation we would end up with a story about wikileaks, useless gossip and cheap pranks.

Clearly, I was wrong, memos like this one which outline a clear and improper collusion between the United States and the United Kingdom in international affairs are coming out. I am somewhat aghast that such inappropriate (and probably illegal, such that there exists an international law) activities would be written down, yet alone listed and sent by email.

So, on this Friday morning, I ask two questions.

If it is so important to keep these things secret, why do we have such lousy security in place? Even FBI databases use a secure intranet, to which a computer with out access to the internet or data writing devices other than a printer must be connected.

Can the "special relationship" that the US and the UK have had survive this level of scandal?
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