Three Laws Safe (meus_ovatio) wrote in talk_politics,
Three Laws Safe

A Correct Opinion About Wikileaks.

Every one be quiet. I have decided to speak on this matter of Julian Assange. What you will hear will be correct, and cannot be denied. Hear me now, oh internets, and learn wisdom from my words.

The hustle and bustle of exciting conflict, and dreamy appeals to magnitudinous conflict, as that one lady from the Electronic Frontier Foundation put it: "This is the most important free speech issue of our lifetimes," has really screwed a lot of people's brains up.

Really? This? Are we just ignoring the 60s or something? But anyway, my point follows:

Julian Assange is not interested in free speech and internets freedom. How various internet warriors have taken up this Wikileaks controversy as some kind of Waterloo over the internet is beyond me. Government secrets are not protected speech of a citizen, and government secrets are not attacks upon internets freedom. Where the internets do get involved, there is a reflexive attack against the government because somebody drug a dead cat into the house and people are pissed about it.

If Mr. Assange believed in the free flow of information, and transparency, Mr. Assange would not be leveraging and doling out this information as he sees fit. Simply put, Mr. Assange is as interested in controlling this information as any dastardly government. It's his ticket to power and noteriety. Mr. Assange would rather pursue personal agendas than serve the supposed cause of free information and transperency. Mr. Assange needs to release every single last piece of information he gets or has gotten, immediately. Without strings, without edit, without control, without anything, but a straight-shot to

Nextly, if all these internets warriors really cared about free speech and internets freedom, they wouldn't be using the most ironical denial of service attacks the internets has ever seen. This is not the greatest issue of free speech in our lifetimes. This is the greatest charade pulled off on well-meaning people and activists who have been hoodwinked into pushing someone else's program of control and manipulation.

Tags: internet, opinion, wikileaks
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