Rasilio (rasilio) wrote in talk_politics,

So, who do you think launched a cybermissle at Iran?

For any not familiar with the story...


It appears that some government or groups of government spent about a year developing the most sophisticated computer virus ever developed, which which was specifically targeted at only 2 systems in the entire world and capable of almost completely shutting them down. Which facilities? Those would be Iran's Nuclear Reactor and it's uranium enrichment facility.

Somebody had a plan to stop them from ever getting a nuke or at least seriously delaying the effort and they implemented it more than a year ago and now the Iranians are scrambling to figure out how to fix their systems (largely unsuccessfully)

So who did it and who did they tell about it?

Obvious candidates are The US, China, Russia, and Israel but there are a few other darkhorse candidates (India, Germany, England, maybe France).

Second question, obviously a work like this can seriously hamper the Iranian efforts but eventually it will be eradicated and their progress will continue, do you think that whoever is behind this has a plan B for when that happens?
Tags: internet, iran
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