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House Democrats reject White House Deal

A non-binding voice vote at the Democratic caucus rejects the White House compromise plan that was worked out with key Republicans in the Senate this week. House Democrats were incensed especially over the estate tax, as well as the way the negotiations were handled. Paul Krugman has suggested that the White House has also screwed up by having all the benefits front-end loaded (e.g. unemployment benefits), and will run out a full year before the 2012 elections, causing the economy to slow down significantly just in time for Republicans to blame the President. House Democratic caucus members are drafting new proposals for the White House to counter-offer, no reaction yet from the President.

Appearing on Fox News yesterday, Representative Anthony Weiner (my Rep, YAY!), explained House Democratic frustration with the current compromise and offered his analysis especially on the estate tax. Rep Weiner is pretty deft on his feet, refusing to be badgered.

UPDATE 2 PM EST: Speaker of the House Pelosi will not hold a floor vote on the compromise.

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