underlankers (underlankers) wrote in talk_politics,

Tea Party for Assange posters start showing up in five, four, three, two......

The troll that runs Wikileaks has called for the US President to resign if in fact he knew about and approved of spying on the UN.


My prediction is that in the next few days the Right Wing will suddenly discover virtues in Assange's actions they never knew existed and defend this brave champion of freedom standing up against Fuhrer-Premier-Caliph Antichristlathotep. Stranger things have happened and given the US Right Wing has made Obama a simultaneous Islamist, Nazi, Fascist, Communist, Antichrist, Khorne, and one of the 10,000 forms of Nyarlathotep and Assange has now called for his resignation, well........

In the real world, this is where I say "I told you the man was a troll." 
Tags: obama, wikileaks
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