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First thing to go under Republican control of the House?

Pay-as-you-go Rules.

Who'd have guessed that as soon as budget-hawk Republicans get into control, the rules that require that new spending be offset by cuts elsewhere or tax increases will go away.

Now, before you say that Dems have been using these rules for some kind of insidious purpose, let me just say that I remember even way back in the day under Bush that the Democratic house made my life very painful as support for Alt-Energy fell under the axe of House Pay-go rules. More recently, the small business tax cut bill was required to cut into future food-stamps and assorted other safety-net programs.

Of course, they can't bite the hand that feeds them, so their first mission is to make sure that the top few percent of earners keep their Bush tax-cuts, even though these same earners have done much better in the last 30 years, and even during the last 3 years, than the lower 95%.

I particularly love this quote: "“The thing about paygo is it was specifically designed by the Democrats to encourage spending and discourage tax reductions,” said John Campbell, a California Republican who sits on the House Budget Committee. “We hate it.”" What a freak. For one thing, he's lying. Pay-go in the house hasn't been some great boon to big spending Democrats. However, it does require that Republicans pay for their programs and their tax cuts. Of course they hate them.
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