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DADT-Fly on the Wall Syndrome

I think I can speak for most heterosexual guys when I say, "we'd love to be a fly on the wall in the shower room at Spa Lady or our local Community College ladies shower room".

The reason; the object of our lust is there in quantity, in variety and without clothing. We respond to the visual. We like to look!

How does this relate to DADT? When a homosexual guy is in the shower room with a bunch of heterosexual guys, in a barracks or on a Navy ship, he is that fly on the wall. I can't speak for how homosexual guys think but they are guys and I've no reason to think the would react or think any differently and the heterosexuals would react no differently to that cute little number at Spa Lady, if she knew (maybe less screaming and more violence).

On Thursday, there was a hearing in the Senate Armed Forces committee on the subject. In the MSM, I can only find testimony from Gates and McMullen who referred to 'orders from the President', with a minor notation that McCain opposed without any mention of why he opposes.

Therefore I am forced to, because the transcript of the hearings is not yet available on .gov, to quote the evil right-wing media, to wit; World News Daily. Don't cop out by arguing the source, please argue the contents.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., pointed out during the first day of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on Thursday that according to a survey conducted for the Pentagon, repealing DADT could create an "alarming" troop retention problem at a time when the military is already shorthanded. Said McCain, "If 12.6 percent of the military left earlier, that translates into 264,600 men and women who would leave the military earlier than they had planned Do you think that's a good idea to replace 265,000 troops in a time of war?"

Other estimates go over a half a million who will get out ASAP. There are charges that the polls were biased because they polled mostly non-combatants.

"Marine Corps commandant Gen. James Amos acknowledged Friday that a clear majority of combat Marines oppose permitting open homosexuality in the ranks".

Some of the limited info I found. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=235797

From another time in February. http://www.jcs.mil/speech.aspx?ID=1322

So let the controversy begin----------

Edit for telemann who provided better links.



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