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Why I prefer English culture

criminal code of RussiaYes, I can agree that all nationalities are equal. They are equal in the court, equal to Criminal Code. Only there. That do not mean they are totally even and equivalent.

If you ask me what do I prefer, Chechen culture or English one, I would certainly choose to read Shakespeare, or Chesterton essays, Kiplings rhymes instead of some ... I cannot say there is a Chechen book, as they do not even have a decent writer.  So, for me nationalities are not equal. 

Besides, their Chechen culture (if there is some) do not teach Chechens how to behave in a decent society.

We can see how Chechen teenagers behave in holiday camp near Tuapse, Russia. But, I'm sorry, there were no teenagers, this were three 20 years wrestlers against a 13 year old girl.  And here is some difference in education. Do adult Englishmen come in three of them to get acquainted with a teenage girl? They surely do not. My respect to their English mothers, who spent enough of time to them. With Chechens we see that only a completed whore could teach her son to rape women. Of cause, the head of the camp had to protect the girl. At cost of his nose and broken leg.

Moreover, here comes a Ramsan Kadyrov and accuses the head of this camp that he attacked those 3 adult wrestlers + trainer !

So, instead of taking all these criminals to the court, Kadyrov took them under his protection, trying to teach all Russians how to love Chechens.  So, absence of culture is evident.

Can you say that it was a normal mother, a decent woman, who educated this Kadyrov or any of these Chechens? And one can see, that when Kadyrov accused all Russians to be intolerant to Chechens - means to keep silence, when Chechens cut ears of Russians, like it was in Kondopoga.

Chechen 20 years wrestler
Chechen 20 years old wrestler from holiday camp Don.
Here is the BBC source about events in Kondopoga.

But BBC do not knows (or do not want to say) that there came Ramzan Kadyrov with Chechnya Parliament to cover Chechens, to interfere the investigation. And this happens each time - when Chechens bastards (I explained why I call them so) attack Russians (whatever etnical nationality they are) there comes Kadyrov to cover. UPD. May be I was not clear enough, I would repeat it here. In my opinion is that. If the guy is criminal and deserve jail, no bastard should call tolerance to me. When President of Chechnya calls Russians intolerant, covering Chechen criminals - he is fashist.
May be I would add a letter, I wrote to Medvedev about this:
Dear Dmitry!

Currently, Mr. Kadyrov began hounding publicly the head of the holiday camp Don where the incident occured with the bad-mannered Chechens, who tried to rape a girl. Mr Kadyrov has remained at his post after a public defense of the Chechen murderers and criminals in Kodopoga, who cut people's ears on the streets. He himself does not consider "embarrassing" to shoot his enemies on the streets of Moscow. Recently, the Chechen thugs murdered on the street the reporter of NTV (TV channel). As a father and a Russian citizen, I demand that Kadyrov immediately cease their anti-social actions. I demand that no more federal funds were sent for "rehabilitation" of the Chechen thugs. If they just do not know how to educate their children - let them keep them in the house. I require that all parents of Chechen hooligans repaid costs of transportation of these young thugs and their living to Federal budget. As the president of Russia, you should demand an immediate apology to the headstuff of the camp from your subordinate Kadyrov.
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