verytwistedmind (verytwistedmind) wrote in talk_politics,

Charlie Rangel - rent controlled housing.


My problem with Charlie Rangel and just getting Censure is that it doesn't address the real crime he committed. As paft   has taught me, there is a social contract, and he sodomized it.  By having FOUR rent controlled apartments when you make  $174,000 and you're worth $566,000 to $1.2 million, according to Congressional disclosure records you should not be using bogarting four rent controlled apartments. Those are meant to help the poor. In my previous   ( I talked about Wesley Snipes going to jail for not paying taxes, This is far far worse. This is stealing from those who need help. This is literally taking shelter from the poor. Charlie Rangel is a Democrat and is suppose to be for the little guy.  When the democrats applauded Rangel that was over the top and just plain wrong!

It seems like many politicians cheat on their taxes and if that's all this was about I'd be like 'eh Censure is enough' but stealing from the poor and usurping housing for them... it's just evil.

Tags: congress, social justice, welfare
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