Kol (abomvubuso) wrote in talk_politics,

Teh' Friday Lulz + Yet another annoucement (duh...)

Here it is, the Friday Lulz! But first (as has become a habit lately), announcement time!

Dirty half-dozen, you say? Now what about Blake's Seven? (I'm Gan. Definit'ly).

So here it is: the latest, and last addition to the crazy mod-squad that runs the asylum. I give you...

geezer_also !!!

"I consider myself a Reactionary Right Wing Fundie, but most of my friends think I'm too liberal (especially my wife)" (his words).

Really. What better description would you possibly get to the question "Hunh!? Who the hell is that?"

One thing is for sure - a "reactionary right wing fundie" of Geezer's stature and integrity is exactly what this team needs in order to see itself complete, in its endeavour to bring balance to the Force. But srsly. We were definitely in need of a balanced and inherently positive person like Mr-Geezer, to add yet another dimension to this gang of lunatics that is the mod-squad (after Mahnmut already added such at the opposite side of the political spectrum; and as mahnmut  himself noted, "It might turn out the spectrum goes in full circle, so if you go hard enough into either extreme, you'd eventually end up at the other side" - their friendship being the living proof for that btw). I think everyone who knows geezer_also closely enough would agree that he's definitely Da One. It would be too mildly put if i say that everybody just LOVES him and his approach to people. So lets welcome our newestestEST overlord! Humbly kneeling before geezer_also!


Now back to Teh' Lulz, yo. Having picked up a ton of bruises, scars, plus a black-eye after a regular rugby sparring in the neighbourhood during the week (yup, dear; rugby... i.e. the real thing), i thought, Hm, that could actually be fun to watch from the sidelines, when you think about it? I guess the few chicks who watched the game, were cheering because they, too, like seeing blood spilling around the place, eh. Indeed, rugby could be rather amusing at times: just watch these poor things struggle to keep the egg ball...

Your turn, wackos.
Tags: fun, mods, offtopic
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