Hunter (foxglovehp) wrote in talk_politics,


I'm new here.  I was sent an invite, and I appreciate it.  I like this community's non-flaming, non-trolling all-parties attitude.  I have been avoiding posting on most of the political communities because, since I tend to be in both liberal and conservative, (and am thus libertarian) camps, I'll post to all of them if I have something to say.  Of course somebody somewhere will accuse me of trolling.

Anyway, I am a career soldier, now in the US Army reserve, and a lifelong Wiccan.  I am constitutionally conservative, and socially liberal.  Please drop by my LJ profile for more info.  Feel free to friend me as well if you like.  I have a fairly thick skin about most things and appreciate a good, reasoned argument where folks can disagree and not get their knickers in a twist about things.
Tags: fun
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