♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪ (telemann) wrote in talk_politics,
♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪

Thanksgiving Day fun

Berkley Plantation, Virginia

Thanksgiving is a day of prayer, service, family, food, the Macy's parade, college football, and gearing up for the onslaught of buying presents, or even putting up the Christmas tree after dinner. As a proud Virginian, we in the Old Dominion will remind our fellow Americans, that the first Thanksgiving dinner was held at Berkley Plantation on December 4, 1619. 38 men from Berkeley Parish in England vowed "Wee ordaine that the day of our ships arrivall at the place assigned for plantacon in the land of Virginia shall be yearly and perpetually keept holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God." So take that, you rapscallion commonwealth of Massachusetts (and BBJ)! :-p

I'm preparing the traditional fair-- roasting a fresh Butterball, sage sausage dressing, mashed taters, King's Arm Tavern styled sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, sweet tater pie, collards, green bean casserole, and a nice bottle of champagne. Also a 7-layer chocolate fudge cake, and Challah bread. And Starbucks Christmas blend coffee and lemon tea.

So what are you plans? Any special recipes you'd like to share? :-D
Tags: fun, holidays
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