Nothin' matters and what if it did? (mijopo) wrote in talk_politics,
Nothin' matters and what if it did?

Salon's hack list

So, on my (liberally biased) slice of the internet everyone's all atwitter about the Salon hack 30.  In some ways I think there very act of compiling such a list constitutes bullshit of the sort I was referring to recently.  But I suppose that its saving grace is that arguably it's taking many of these commentators to task precisely for the sin of bullshitting, at least that was the impression I had in reading many of the summaries. 

The criteria were the "most predictable, dishonest and just plain stupid pundits in the media"  Obviously, this is Salon, there's a heavy left wing bias.  But having said that, this seems to have mostly left the heart of the Fox batting order alone, no Beck, no O'Reilly or Hannity.  It also leaves out other obvious contenders from elsewhere, e.g., Scarborough, Limbaugh and, dare I say, Olbermann.  Do you think that this is because these people, with the exception of Olbermann, are viewed as being "beyond contempt" or something?   Can't even take them seriously enough to call them hacks?  Because, come on, if Beck doesn't fit the criteria, who does?

Rightees, who would you put on a hack list?  Canadians?  Any obvious candidates that Salon missed, anyone on the list who shouldn't be? 
Tags: bias, media
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