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Friday Lulz!

First for all, apologies for removing the_rukh's initial post which was on the same subject, but i was thinking of doing this the more "official" way (whatever that means). I'm copypasting its contents plus the first few comments that appeared there at the bottom of this post.

That said...

All right good fellas, bored with politics at the end of the week? Here - you asked for it! :))
We're hereby initiating this new tradition called Friday Fun, or Friday Lulz, or Friday O.T., or Friday Nonsense if you like.

So here's the deal with the weekly Friday Fun Thread.

Basically this is a place for offtopic. Read: non-politics. Anyone who mentions politics will suffer the harshest of all punishments: they'll be smeared with chocolate all over and rolled in cornflakes, and be handed over to 36 virgins who'll lick'em off till they pass out (the remaining 36 virgins will remain in a undisclosed location, kthx).

So we'll use this bugger to pour in all the junk we've got in store, and to discuss stuff from the latest Amy Winehouse shenanigans and Lindsay Lohan's booze issues, to Obama's dog and Michelle's latest dress colour, to what you ate yesterday (and how awful you feel today), to the movie that you think everyone should see and the book everyone should read (do we actually read books any more?) Feel free to throw in just about anything: obscure cooking recipes, worn-out macros, amazingly silly Youtube vids... Bonus points if you tell us something about yourself, or ask a really smart question that would make us scratch our heads.

The rules will be simple. Actually all community rules still apply here (most importantly: try to be civil; this is a fun thread, not a vent-out dung-hill). And please NO porn and no hate speech. We're all nice decent down to earth fellows here, amirite? Well, some of us occasionally prefer to think of ourselves this way anyway :)

(Oh, and try notta kill the thread screen with too huge images) .

Also, the Friday Lulz will conveniently feature on the Links panel at the community sidebar.

Here, i'ma throw in some sketchy miscellanea that some of us might like to giggle about...

Dropped phone leaves man otherwise engaged in toilet
Careful where you stick your hand! A Chinese man who got his arm stuck in a toilet pipe in an attempt to retrieve his dropped mobile phone was freed by rescuers.

Obama to appear on TV science show "Mythbusters"
President Obama said he is appearing on Mythbusters, the tv series that uses science to separate fact from fiction. Could they help him bust the Kenyan citizenship myth? ;)

Homer Simpson is Catholic, Vatican paper declares
Wow, "The Simpsons" just got the Vatican bump!

Large chimp runs amok in Kansas City
I wish the video was captioned, but it does have a short article anyway.

Grandma arrested on DUI, despite offer to make deputy a grilled cheese
Attempted bribery by grilled cheese added to her charges? Maybe he was lactose intolerant. :D

McDonald’s Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months
Great! If i ever venture to eat Happy Meals it'll preserve me and i can live forever!

Your turn. Enjoy! <3

The previous post:

So, it's Friday...

So liek, OT-splosion go?

[info]underlankers: Currently working on a whole fictional multi-verse. I call it the Omniverse because I end up sometimes writing crossover fanfiction and all fiction is contained within the broader 'Verses. The main storylines are set in what is the human 21st Century but the Bizjarran 40th millennium, the year 56, where the Bizjarran Empire has fought a civil war and preserved itself.

The civil war brought yet another rendition of imperfect cultural revolution but unlike the first holdouts of the enemy continue to launch terror attacks though the two actual set-piece battles they fight reduces them to only terror attacks. The leader of this Empire, the Emperor Syian VII, is a brutal warlord who just so happens to be a thinner analogue of Baron Harkonnen from the point of view of his alien species. The society monitors the rest of the Multiverse and hence sometimes ends up interacting with them.

The other main set of stories are called Shades of Grey and happen mainly in a universe where the Tunguska Blast in 1908 creates Superhumans right before WWI. An Ottoman version of Reed Richards leads the Ottoman Empire to victory in the First and Second Balkan Wars, but the revival of Ottoman military power helps trigger WWI earlier in 1914 when Germany and Austria-Hungary seize the chance to move against Serbia in alliance with Turkey, triggering Russian paranoia, albeit much earlier in 1914 and when Russia has itself adopted superhumans to simplify its logistical problems (i.e. they really do have a steamroller).

The main character here is Deborah Bat Omri who has as her main villainness the Shadow-woman, a charismatic anti-christ figure who combines the creepiness of a proper Anti-Christ with the Dangerously Genre Savviness of your average Omniverse character and is a very old-school card-carrying villain with supernatural powers except she stays to make sure the death traps kill the hero and things like that. The real twists happen with their other sister, the fanatical Light is Not Good despot of the dictatorship of Pyrania, who wages a seemingly eternal war against Angra Mainyu/Satan.

The two end up intersecting when Shadow-woman tries to hijack the Architects of Fears' cloning projects (a means of averting some of the usual
http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NoPlansNoPrototypeNoBackup idiocy in these storylines) and their intersections form several of the main stories (like when the separatist holdouts start raiding the society of that 21st Century and it turns out that human technology ain't that good next to theirs).

This Empire is actually where my username comes from. Underlanken is the term that refers to the Empire in the Utawali language the Underlans speak. -Ken like the term Reich in German means Empire/Realm. They actually use it in the sense of the latter but their enemies prefer to use it in the sense of the former.

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