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Public service announcement...

Check this out - a big corporation, in America, has been accused of selling the public short.
Have a link:-

Now, does this not show that we cannot trust the big corporations alone?
Sure, I can't grow my own cranberries, and yes, growers, distributors and supermarkets do a great job in bringing us a wide range of products - butthere ought to be a proper system of 'checks and balances'.

A means of independently certifying the packaege for actual content, a free press and media access to people who want to blow the whistle, and an unbaised legal system that anyone can appeal to if they feel they are being treated unfairly. And of course, that also includes legislation that gives the customer the right to know.

I mean - do I have to ring up, and pay a toll, and spend time hanging on the phone to find out the sugar content of the product? Or do I, as a consumer, have the right to say ' i want the info on the package, by law?

The flipside is, we do need ethical and informed consumers, as much as all the other stuff I mentioned, for the system to work at all.

The video was mainly made for the American market, I guess, but we have similar bodies to the FDA in Europe. And it isn't just US corporations we have to watch.

Liberty, democracy, decency - thse are all values that we have to watch out for, tend regularly if we are to keep them and hand them on.

This PSA was brought to you by Minto Grubb Productions, and cut to save yr bandwith - because we care :)
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