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People say the darndest things....

Y'all remember Sue right? Well, if not, that's ok. She has another anecdote to share:

"so this healthcare thing that's going on..."
Sue: "yeah...it's something else alright."
"It sure is...you know, our cousin lives up in Canada. Her healthcare is excellent. She has a card, if she gets sick she goes to the hospital swipes the card and doesn't have to pay anything."
Sue: "Yeah, universal healthcare is great, totally."
"It sure is...but what Obama is doing with his socialist healthcare bill, why, it's destroying America."

I wish I made this up. I really do. I wish to god this was fiction. It's a rough paraphrase, so it's not word for word, but the basics are there.

Canadian healthcare good
Obama socialism bad

These two thoughts are maintained by a single person simultaneously--why are people retarded? Why do they take their talking points from greedy lying liars?

I'm not really sure that *anything* said to the individual I'm paraphrasing would have showed the error of reasoning that was going on.

First there's the "Obama isn't really a socialist." fact, and then there's the "Canadian healthcare is kinda socialist" fact. But in order to explain this, I suspect and fear, many layers of brainwashing would need to be undone. It's simply not plausible in the span of two minutes for Sue to cut through that much crap.

And again, I wish this was fiction. I could make this stuff up, but I'm not. [tho names have been changed]

In my line of work, we meet a lot of interesting people who say some weird shit. And we get some of the most bizarre stories about how people think politically.

What would/do you do when encountering somebody who tragically misunderstands basic facts?

I'm not talking about educated disagreement over fundamental issues--like what is the role of govt? or what's the best way for the govt to raise money to run itself? or such things.

I recognize [and have met] many people who are informed and ideologically opposed to my views. I try to engage those people in a short chat, see why, offer a reason or two why I disagree and then move along. It's physically and mentally painful, however, to encounter people who are woefully unaware of what they are saying.

If somebody says: "Canadian healthcare good, Obama socialism bad" how do you even begin to respond?
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