Johnny (kinvore) wrote in talk_politics,

Fox News and the Tea Party

During the tax day Tea Party brouhaha, Sean Hannity had the rug pulled from under him by Fox News. He was scheduled to appear at a rally but at the last minute they yanked the leash and put him back in the kennel, supposedly because they had just learned that the organization running the event was selling tickets to Hannity's appearance.

It's no secret that Fox News has been heavily promoting the Tea Party all year. What I'd like to ask you, especially my conservative/tea party friends is this: how would you feel if CNN or even a network like CBS were to promote the Democratic Party as much as Fox News promotes the Tea Party? Honestly, would you not be up in arms over it? Hell even I would, and I'm an arch liberal. *twirls mustache*
Tags: fox news, tea party
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