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Tourists On Death Row

Here's another hypothetical situation taken from the NationStates game, where you're the benevolent/malevolent ruler of your own state. Last time it was about sex education, and Miss Spirit the Sex Teacher won by a landslide.

Here's another issue, where the possible answers are deliberately made a bit extremer than they would have been in reality. So let's see what you think on this one.

The Issue

A group of holidaymakers from [Insert Country Name] have been arrested while visiting the scenic, yet corrupt and totalitarian, nation of Maxtopia on charges of drug trafficking - an offense which carries the maximum sentence of the death penalty. The story has provoked outrage from citizens, many believing the government should intervene to bring the tourists back home.

The Debate

1. "Everyone knows what barbarians those Maxtopians are!" says Charles Wu, parent to one of the arrestees. "They've not even allowed my son and his friends access to lawyers! That government is as corrupt as they are cruel, my boy would never have anything to do with drugs! You need to do something to save them, I'm begging you! I'm sure the Maxtopian officials will back down if you threaten trade sanctions or something. Right?"

2. "You've got to see it from the other side," argues Peggy Nagasawa, a customs official. "While it's unfortunate that the sentence is so stiff, they really shouldn't have been smuggling drugs. I'm sure we wouldn't be happy if Maxtopians came over here with banned goods. I just can't sympathize: they were greedy, they broke the law, they got caught. What makes them so special that they should be bailed out? At the taxpayers' expense I might add. Let them be - it'll show we respect the judicial rights of other countries."

3. "I agree," chimes in Freddy Rubin, an anti-drug campaigner, waving a banner which reads 'Don't Be a Fool, Drugs Aren't Cool'. "Did you ever stop to think that our foreign neighbours might have the right idea? A zero-tolerance attitude to the drugs issue is what this country needs! Death to the dealers!"

4. "You people are so quick to lay the finger of blame," says Dave Steele, an ambassador at Insert Country Name's embassy in Maxtopia. "My motto has always been 'If you want something, give something away'. It is the government's duty to protect its citizens from harm! We don't want to cause too much international friction by making a mockery of their laws so we've got to settle things more diplomatically: they scratch our backs now and we'll scratch theirs later."

5. "That's what they want! Leverage!" hollers Gen. Randy Jefferson, your Minister of Defense, storming into your office. "Advances in our markets, political favors - they'll do anything to undermine us! They've always hated us, those rats! If you ask me, this brouhaha isn't about drugs - it's a spit in our eye, that's what it is! What kind of people execute kids for having a few ounces on them? We ought to give them a good bombing, then they'll know how a proper country behaves!"

The government of [Insert Country Name] is preparing to take a decision.

Poll #1552527 Tourists On Death Row
This poll is closed.

You're the ruler of Insert Country Name. Adopt one of the above positions.

Charlie the worried arrestee parent
Peggy the indifferent customs official
Freddy the anti-drug campaigner
His Excellence, Mr Steele
Gen. Jefferson the militarist patriot

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