sophia_sadek (sophia_sadek) wrote in talk_politics,

Rendering unto Caesar: Beware the Ides of March

One of our students introduced the quote from Shakespeare into her classrooms. She prompted discussion of who Julius Caesar was and why he was assassinated on this day. The most fascinating thing she noticed was how few of the students knew the name of the Roman despot. She commented to one class that if you don't know Caesar, then you can't give him his due. She said that one of the biggest problems with Christianity is that it renders unto Caesar that which belongs to Jesus, and vice versa.

My favorite theory about the assassination of Caesar is that he was worth more dead than alive. With him posited in Heaven, he could continue to look down upon his troops. They always performed at their best when they knew he was watching.

What's your spin on the death of the Roman champion of theft, murder and destruction? (And I don't mean B16, either.)
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