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A question for Creationists:

Presuming that this theory, which itself is no different than the same false ideas from the mid-19th Century (i.e. before anyone had ever even heard of Tyrannosaurus rex let alone the truly amazing prehistoric beasties) is valid, explain to me how it accounts for these phenomena:

1) The substrates that influence language families like the Sino-Tibetan and the Indo-European. Presuming that Creationist anthropology still adheres to the whole Shem-Ham-Japheth thing, it's fair to ask that if Japheth was the father of the Indo-Europeans, who then was the father of the Basques and Aquitainians and Picts?

2) Where did the Indians come from? Or Australian Aborigines? The Bible mentions nowhere in it the existence of either America (defined as Alaska-to-Tierra del Fuego) or Australasia/Oceania. So how can an honest, God-fearing Creationist accept these devil continents? And for that matter, how did in 6,000 years the 500 languages of Australia develop completely unique characteristics akin to a continental Sprachbund where Indigenous American languages are diverse enough to be as far apart as English is from Sora. And of course since the Bible nowhere mentions America, and only that which God mentions in the Bible is important to Creationists.......

3) What would an ecosystem with a mixture of mammalian megafauna (i.e. dire wolves, marsupial lions, ground sloths, and so on) and dinosaurian megafauna (tyrannosaurs, moas, dodos, carcharodontosaurs) and aquatic megafauna (pliosaurs and giant lamniforms) look like? How would it even function? How would any number of plants support populations of Amphicoelias fragilimis, woolly mammoths, ground sloths, bison, Triceratops horridus, and pronghorns all at the same time?

4) Given that in historical time the early Dutch saw the Bantu moving from the South at the same time as they arrived, how, then was the entirety of the Earth peopled in a mere 6,000 years? We're talking about a planet with entire swathes of it uninhabitable and where we are expected to believe that people would have willingly set sail across the Atlantic and Pacific (because there are no plate tectonics in Creationist theory) with outrigger canoes in a sea full of giant sea beasties that would willingly have swallowed everything imaginable.

If there are to be large-scale movements pushing this hoary old nonsense on our children & thereby handicapping our future, the least these political movements could do is explain these inconsistencies in their own mythology.
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