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Hello, my fellow intelligentsia,

I have a favor to ask. I'm trying to come up with a list of the 10 most influential books on creationism. I'm trying to get a feel of the entire creationist movement from the source, so I'm only looking for pro-creationist books.

This is for a project I'm working on. Last November, Ray Comfort gave out copies of Darwin's 'Origin of Species' on about 100 college campuses. He printed his own books - they prefaced Darwin's text with a 50-page introduction on creationism. In retaliation, I wrote a 20-page essay that ripped through his 50-page introduction. The essay was put on the download site one week before Comfort's give away, and I sent press releases to the student newspapers at America's top 100 schools. The idea was that the newspapers could include a link to my paper as they reported on Comfort's showy book give away, and students would have a direct reference available to debunk the book they just received that went page by page.

The response to my paper was pretty minimal, but then so was the response to Comfort's give-away. But since the few people who did read my paper told me that they really liked it, I'm trying to sustain my ego trip and expand it into a book. Hence, I need to understand the nuances of creationism from a creationist's point of view, not just a debunker's POV.

My possible list so far:
Darwin's Black Box - Michael J Behe
Of Pandas and People
Darwin on Trial - Phillip E Johnson

Thanks for the help, folks!
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