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Lighten up, it's sex talk time

We had a lot of posts about conspiracies this week. Such a serious topic. It seems during the next week this will be somehow naturally continued into another interesting topic - the media. But may we have a short detour into something sillier and amusing?

We often hear strange stories about the outdated laws that still exist in some US states. Laws and regulations dating from centuries ago which are no more relevant today. I am not saying that this has something to do with the specifics of the precedent-based judiciary/legislative system, or the autonomy of states to craft their own local laws (though that may really be the case). Granted, there are stupid laws everywhere. The US examples may be more popular at home and abroad just because we tend to hear a lot about this great country whose cultural influence, both for good or bad, can be felt in every corner of the world. So I thought it would be curious to look into some funny examples.

Take some of the laws dealing with sex in some states. In some places, even a playful wink could be interpreted as sexual harassment. In Pennsylvania, if a man gets a hard-on in a public place, he's supposed to be fined $ 1,000. In Montana, a heterosexual intercourse on grass surfaces is forbidden. It's unclear whether the traditionally orientated couples are discriminated, though, as there's no explicit ban on same-sex intercourse. It just says grass surface, period.

Montana also sports a very weird law which forbids sleeping naked. And also... having sex with a live fish. (It says nothing about dead fish).

In the beautiful state of Wyoming, the lawmakers have really thought of all possible scenarios of the love-making setup. Having sex in a transparent fridge shop window is categorically outlawed.

Ladies who are thinking of visiting Ohio should know that they cannot wear a short skirt in combination with black leather shoes, as those could be polished like glass and men could see their private parts reflected in the shoes. The same state forbids anal sex, but the law fails to mention how exactly this would be enforced, as the only way to find out what people are doing in their bedroom is by bugging their houses.

It also remains unclear how the prosecutors in Oregon would prove whether a man has violated the law by whispering dirty words in his partner's ear during intercourse.

The open-minded men and women have a real chance to take a deep breath in Arizona, where females are allowed to freely walk topless. Nowhere does the law of that state mention bare breasts as part of the definition list of "nudity".

Here are some more curious links / lists / sources worth laughing over.

And, just so you don't decide that I'm thinking the US is the only place with such hilarious laws regarding sex, Britain bans sex on a motorbike. Probably for safety reasons. And Indonesia is supposed to behead masturbators (I'm not sure if this refers only to those who do it in public, or all of them - the law just doesn't say anything about this).

And lastly, in Hong Kong, a wife is allowed to murder her faithless husband, but only in case there is firm proof of his infidelity, and she can do it only with her bare hands (without using tools). If she can. Whereas, a man's jealous mistress can take his life as she pleases. Go figure. :)
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