Dapper Dan (dudeuhman) wrote in talk_politics,
Dapper Dan

Citizen's United v. Federal Election Commission

I know it's already been covered, but y'all did a crap job of it, so here's another, better perspective on it.

"The paradox of the United States Supreme Court is that, from one perspective, it is a traditional judicial institution deciding individual cases. But from another perspective, it makes broad value choices in the name of constitutional interpretation; strikes down acts of democratically elected legislatures; and issues rules with impact on our national life as great or greater than Acts of Congress. "


in the article, the author demonstrates how this case was an example of judges going against strict constitutionalism and against precedents and procedures. so, sorry to go back to this topic, but this article is definitely worth a look and a discussion. somehow i get the feeling we're going to see more of the latter than of the former...
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