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My body, god-damnit!

To begin: IANAL.
I love that acronym.

It used to be the case that suicide was a felony in many of the states of the United States. Up until the 70's it was that way in a few states. To date, it is not a felony in any, to my knowledge. However it is still a "common law crime".

I do not understand what possible justification the government can come up with for this level of absurdity.

It's *my fucking life* and if *I* want to end it, why should the government interfere? Obviously, if I succeed in my suicide attempt then there isn't much a government agency can do about it, but if my suicide attempt fails somehow and the government then decides to mandate that I get "mental help" for six months (or however long it is) while the government is acting in a laudable way, it's beyond it's legit powers.

I put forth here this argument:

P1) I own my body
P2) Included in the rights of ownership is the right to destroy
C1) I have the right to destroy my body

Let me also add to this post that I'm not depressed and any ad-hominems about my mental state are uncalled for and unwanted. A little humor is fine, but nobody need question my mental stability. I'm not suicidal and I don't advocate it--I *do* however, have an issue with the government, any government, attempting to tell me or anyone else, what I or they can do *with their own body*.

Let's discuss this; I've shared my view; anybody disagree? Anybody think that the govt *should* criminalize suicide/attempted suicide?
Tags: crime, legislation
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