Stijn van der Kasteel (mahnmut) wrote in talk_politics,
Stijn van der Kasteel

People are freaking out about LJ these days...

...And perhaps for a reason. Maybe not exactly the right reason on this instance, but the reason we all want to believe we should be freaking out for. Do bear with me.

See, LJ seemed to have stopped working for some folks yesterday - I mean, they appeared to be blocked away from their own journals and the communities they were members in. Some suspected Putin's long hand had finally moved in to silence dissenting voices, or quash constructive pluralist debate and critical thought. Because his minions must be everywhere around the networks, sniffing and listening, and reporting back to their masters whenever someone says something bad about Dear Leader and the beautiful utopian new world he's building for us all. Maybe so.

Well, LJ seems to be working just fine today. At least for me, or anyone around that I've inquired with on the matter. So here's a thought. Could it be that now that we've all heard of the Russian takeover of LJ and their new TOS, every minor crash or temporary bug would be ascribed to the evil Kremlin forces sitting behind LJ? Something got wrong on the Internet? Why yeah, it must be Putin. Thanks, Putin! ;-)

And does that mean we've all, in turn, allowed ourselves to get indoctrinated into suspecting nefarious intent on part of our new Internet overlords behind every and any misfortune that may occur to us? Maybe we've become too sensitive on these matters - or maybe it's all for good reason? Just food for thought. All I know is, the atmosphere that these latest developments have created, has become beyond unbearable. Hence the exodus to Dreamwidth. That's democracy for ya, folks. People vote with their feet, right?

That's not to say we're not still moving to DW, because LJ sure sucks beyond repair at this point. Oh yes we are. Moving, and soon! At the end of the week, more precisely. I've talked to lots of folks, and they agree we'll all be ceasing all activity on LJ starting from July 1, and completely shifting to DW. Yeah, just like that, overnight. Dosvidanya, tovarisch Putin! And thanks for the fish! Or something.

Anyway. Just 4 days remaining. I encourage everybody to open their mirror DW accounts, and import their journals there. A short message about the location of this community on DW has been made here recently, so you've got all the info you may need. See you on the other side! :-)

Ps. You still believe Putin's trolls won't follow us on DW? You just wait. But hey, at least he won't be able to block people for disagreeing with him and calling him the moronic douche that he is.
Tags: freedom of speech, internet, propaganda, russia
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