Kol (abomvubuso) wrote in talk_politics,

TP goes to DW

Hey folks! We've talked about this before, but now it's official. You certainly know what happened to LJ: a while ago they came up with some new terms of use, which many agree marked the final stage of the death of LJ.

So here's the thing. As many folks have migrated to Dreamwidth, we figured it's time we did too. It's time we switched places, and moved to DW. So I'm now inviting those of you who still haven't created their DW accounts to do it in the following weeks. It's a platform very similar to LJ, very intuitive to use; and the best thing is, it's got a system of direct synchronisation of your LJ accounts with your new DW ones, within a couple of clicks away. You don't need to cross-post anything, just follow a few short steps to move your entire LJ contents to DW, including posts, usericons, tags, comments, communities, friendlists, etc. Everything.

Here's the Talk_Politics community on Dreamwidth:


So far we've been occasionally synchronising it with LJ (manually), but starting from July 1, we'll be all posting and commenting there instead of here. The idea is to move all activity to Dreamwidth starting from the first day of July. And of course, you're all invited! :)
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