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A tale of two thorns in the ass

He's not free yet, but Assange is allowed a breath of fresh air... at least metaphorically.

Julian Assange: Sweden drops rape investigation

Watch the British police arrest him on the way to the airport. For what, you ask? For existing. Or more hilariously, for breaking bail on a non existent case. He has served a multi-year sentence. Even the cheapest lawyer would get him off the hook with ease. So that leaves extradition. I bet the US deep state still wants him to suffer an accident.

As for the so called other whistleblower...

Chelsea Manning, who leaked 700,000 documents to Wikileaks, released from prison

Traitor or hero? Heroine? Some have even called her mentally ill (you know how nice homophobes can be).

Don't know about all that; all I know is, if if he was careful in the information released then maybe you could've claimed it was heroic, but doing it wholesale put people in danger, and undermined US national interest without much return on investment as far as transparency goes. Even most open government folks would agree that some things should be held confidential if a state is to function.

Which brings us back to Assange. What do you think is his end-game? His most recent leaks have seemed to only serve Putin's interests, so I'm starting to get rather suspicious about his whole agenda.
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