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This thing again

While I'm certainly somewhere around the bottom of the list of people you might be referring to if you were looking for a pro-Russian supporter, I can't help but ask the following question. How many of those who were so quick to put the French flag on their profiles in the social networks in the wake of the terror attacks there, have now done the same with the Russian flag? Hell, how many even paid attention to what happened in St.Petersburg the other day?

No European landmarks were illuminated for the St Petersburg victims

It's a terrorist attack by a radicalized, Daesh-inspired lone wolf killing scores of innocent people, right? Hey, it's even in a Christian, white (very white!) country. France did turn off the lights on the Eiffel Tower by the way, granted. But I'm still failing to see all the tears and prayers for the victims in St.Petersburg.

The excuse that Berlin only honors victims in "sister cities" is beyond lame, for the record. Orlando isn't a sister city to Berlin, and yet they didn't hesitate to honor them. And it's not just Berlin. Other world capitals stayed indifferent as well.

Hypocrisy and double standard much? It must all be because Russians are so evil. Or something. Right?
Tags: russia, terrorism
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