Fridi (luvdovz) wrote in talk_politics,

That's not how NATO works, asshole

Donald Trump says Germany owes US and Nato 'vast sums of money' for defence

What a pile of utter bullshit. Especially given the fact that 90% of all NATO actions in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world have been in direct defense of US interests (oil, gas, gold, trade routes and markets, disobedient foreign leaders, etc etc). So who owes what to whom, actually?

Besides, the requirement to invest 2% of the GDP for defense was introduced just a couple of years ago - how could anyone have accumulated "lots of debt" for that time? Especially a country like Germany, who's been among those who've kept their discipline as per that requirement, and have consistently complied with it? Germany has contributed to NATO in every way possible, they've been at the front line countering one of the greatest geopolitical dangers for the West, Putin's Russia (well, not so dangerous according to their Manchurian candidate, Trump and his associates). Not to mention dealing with the influx of refugees, which the US has refused to contribute to.

And finally, how are you going to make America "great" again by alienating all your allies? Look, if America so much insists to succumb to self-isolation, I'm sure other countries are going to take the responsibility and fill that void if it comes to that. And Germany would be somewhere around the top of that list. It's hard times like these where real friends become apparent, and under Trump, America is failing big time.

I don't know how tolerant that US public has become to "alternative facts" for the two months since this moron's inauguration, but the rest of the world is quickly losing patience already.
Tags: germany, nato, trump
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