nairiporter (nairiporter) wrote in talk_politics,

The real America

Here is an unexpected upside of the Trump presidency. Despite itself, it is bringing people together. I have always hoped that faced with hate and division, people would embrace unity. And they have:

This story is about the REAL America, not the Islamophobic "alternative" that Donald Trump and Steve Bannon keep shilling. When trouble strikes, good people rally. Trump and Bannon are the trouble; good people will resist them. And they will keep mounting an ever increasing amount of resistance, the further Trump and his minions push their sociopathic agenda.

It only takes one or two to make bad things happen - but when they do, look for the helpers. The ones running towards the tragedy to HELP. However, they do not tend to grab too many headlines, do they? Good is so common it isn't considered newsworthy - or at least, has not been so. It is up to ordinary people who must MAKE it so. And it is a never-ending effort.
Tags: hate crime
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